Janssen Episodic
The artist Horst Janssen depicts and explains in several episodes
Horst-Janssen Museum Oldenburg


Since 2018

Project Development/ Pre-Production
NEUN10TE January 2022 - 50 Years of the European Anthem
Due to the Corona pandemic, we were unable to realise the film idea.
A resumption of the project is not planned.


Since 2017

Project development
SHKS - Shelter Hamburg Art Collections
A museum by citizens for citizens - the Kunstbunker Hamburg.
Due to administrative hurdles and ultimately the Corona pandemic, we have not been able to realize the project so far. 
A resumption or continuation of the project is questionable.



The Horst-Janssen-Archipelago – A Multimedia Visual Journey
This exhibition is a corporation project off the Altonaer Museum with the Horst Janssen- Museum Oldenburg and Hamburg Filmmaker Hinrich Lührs



Horst Janssen - „I am the grace of God“
26’00/ 52’00 for arte/NDR



Following the Ninth, 
USA, 78 Minutes
Director, Writer: Kerry Candaele
Following the Ninth ist a documentary film about the global impact of Beethoven’s final symphony. The film has screened in over 250 cities in the United States and around the globe, with more to come.

Since 1994

Freelance film producer and production manager for international advertising agencies and corporation.